UTOPIA celebrates 24 YEARS

Can you believe it? Where did the time go? Time flies when you’re having fun! The party that continues to spread the LOVE and keep the SPIRIT ALIVE of HOUSE MUSIC in Boston is turning 24!
My journey begins working at Strawberries Records in downtown crossing. The first house record I had heard was “7 Ways” by Hercules https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VZ6_kB3g44 . I hated it. I thought all house songs were like that so I didn’t like house music. I was all about hip hop and reggae music.
A co worker, by the name of Michelle invited me to go to Axis on Tuesday night. When I got there I found out they were playing house music all night. I was pissed. I didn’t want to pay my hard earned $$$$ to listen to that bullshit all night and the ppl in line looked weird. They were all happy………WTF?!?!? So I go in and headed upstairs. I fell instantly in love. I was so used to going to hip hop/reggae parties that I had no clue there was another scene that was attitude/drama free. The vibe was amazing. I thought EVERYBODY was on drugs! The drug was HOUSE MUSIC! I went back for my fix every Tuesday. The big song that night was “Make My Body Rock” by Jomanda https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jt7WTrtY48g .
A couple of years later I found myself working for Jerry Warren’s Dance Music Plus. That store was THE place to shop at if you were a serious dj. Jerry taught me everything about the record retail business. By this time I was all about house music and going to hot spots like CLUB M, AXIS, HOUSE OF BORAX, HUB CLUB & others.
One day Bob Diesel and Jide Max were at DMP shopping for some music and they invited me to check out there night at M80. Jide said “Bring some music with you too”. That changed my house music dj life forever. Jide let me open for him. The first song I played was “The Warning” by Logic and the last song was “Voices” by KC Flight. After my set these two women came to me and said “Child you worked it!!!!!!” I am still friends with them today. Thank you Jaqueline Myers & Cynthia Bogues Sellers. After that night I felt like Jide Max took me under his wing to show me the ropes about spinning house music.
A few years later I end up being resident dj on the house floor with Armand Van Helden. The format was more uptempo house music before 4am, then we would go into deeper, soulful house and disco classics. I wanted to do a night that was more 4am music.
Utopia was started in the winter of 1993 at the Paradise Café in Cambridge. Since then the UTOPIA party has traveled through different venues and we’ve featured a whose who in the House Music World such as Louie Vega. Josh Milan, Ultra Nate, India, Barbara Tucker, King Britt, Byron Stingley, Dajae, Mark Farina, Karizma, Mr. V, liL Ray, Lou Gorbea, Herb Martin Kerri Chandler, Tortured Soul and many more.